TheEnder: Well I have been on here for a bit and i thought “Hey why not show them my favourite room?” So I did ;) Here is my game room in all its glory XD

P.S sorry for the mess :P

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TheEnder: Lol more Herobrine goodness :) If you have been following me for a while you will notice that my art is not always at this caluber :P those pics i made with a program off of this website:

have fun :)

Yet again :P


I have been back in the “crazy get everything done” stage of college for a bit now :p As a result i have not been able to post XD hang in there I will return :) and to the new followers to my blog, Welcome :) i hope you enjoy your stay :P I will be done college for the summer around …… mid April :P I will try to post but i doubt I will be much XD see you all soon :P

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Herobrine: I would like a challenge once and a while from a player….. though even with their enchantments and potions they don’t fair to grate against lava
*Herobrine teleports away*


So… How do you figure out who to stalk or kill when? It is just a mood thing, or do you have some kind of hit list?


Herobrine: Yes it is more a mode thing. being compiled for as long as i have you begin to feel more …. “Human emotions”. As for who, anyone that brakes my rules and when ever i dame well please.

u like?


TheEnder: Ya it is a nice song XD just wish they said herobrine right :P

Herobrine: why are people obsessed with me ….

(TheEnder: This post does not tie into Herobrines story in any way XD just thought it would be funny :P …… would be cool if he was in the new super smas bros though XD)