(TheEnder: Well I am back :) The problem has still not been resolved but I feel like no matter what I do nothing is going to change it. Anyways lets get this story back on track :) )

I will be gone for sometime…


TheEnder: Hello, as the title states I will not be on Tumblr for sometime. As for all my blogs I will not be posting. If this persuades some of you to “unfollow” I will take no offense by it. I can not say how long I will be gone, as I truly do not know.

This problem that has arisen in my life can not be solved by the company of others, so i will ask respectively if you would not try and contact me. I shall take my leave now, I hope the best for all of you.


The Group

pixelgamer07’s Herobrine: *gives it some thought* I suppose I could send my scouts out to search the surrounding area. But if I help you, then you owe me a favor. It seems your not the only herobrine who likes to experiment with things. I may need your help in the future. *holds out a hand* if you accept, then my endermen and I will help you.


Herobrine: *Herobrine gives a small chuckle* It really seems like I have no other option. I usually don’t put myself in the position of being in det to someone, but I need your expertize. *Grabs hand* Let us be off.

The Acceptance.

Story Asks

TheEnder: So during this little story i am putting together, I will still be answering asks. However I will only be answering ones that are realted to the story :P So go ahead and ask away, but due to the entity not being completly known I will not anwser some of the asks. Can’t spoil it for everyone ;)

Something is coming ;)

TheEnder: So I managed to frigen finally make a half descent rig XD That “Experiment” you guys may remember might be finished soon ;)



(TheEnder: Thanks for the skin :P The one you sent me was a bit stretched and huge, so I could not use it for the asks XD But i managed to remake it and add somethings to it :P If you want it just let me know :)

I also screwed up the words in this one XD)

(ok , and it alright )

Raven: PLeas don’t kill HeroBrine ,  I do anything for you!!!

Herobrine: *Herobrine laughs and gives a evil grin* It still baffles me, how you players think that I need you to do something. There is nothing you can do for me that I can’t do for myself. *Herobrine looks away from Raven* However I have had my share of blood shed today, farewell prey. *Herobrine teleports away*